Hallo everybody!! I really hope you all had great christmas,and i wish you the best for the new year! Now, just a get a bit more inte the christmas spirit,i decided to make bisquits, little gingermen,boots,and stars! Its the first time i try something like that,and it literally took me two days ( at least 6-7 hours! Probably because i ended up making TOO many! ) Anyway,i am quite happy with the result! What do you think? :)

How it all began :P ( the mixture is quite simple,i can post it if you want! )

baking for 8 minutes..

and DECORATING! (which seriously took me SO long! )



Then i started packing them to put them with the presents of friends and family :)


I also made homemade chocolates ( 5 different kinds of them! )

And a gingerbread HOUSE with smarties!!! :)

Thats it! I feel tired just by looking at them again but i think they are really cute ( and yummy! ) Did you make anything? Now i start thinking what i should make for new years eve..? Any ideas? :P
Kisses xxxx


X-mas wishlist.

Γεια σε ολους! Γραφω λιγο στα γρηγορα,γιατι δυστυχως ειμαι σουπεργκαντεμο και μια βδομαδα πριν τα Χριστουγεννακια εγω πηγα και αρρωστησα.κατι με το στομαχι μου και ειμαι χαλια..Οποτε βασικα πρεπει να μεινω μεσα προς το παρον.και ψιλοαγχωνομαι οτι δεν θα προλαβω να αγορασω τα δωρακια που θελω και επισης το πιθανοτερο ειναι οτι θα πρεπει να αποφυγω και τις λαχταριστες χριστουγεννιατικες λιχουδιτσες -.-''.. Θα προσπαθησω ωστοσο να δω τη θετικη πλευρα,και σας παρουσιαζω τη wishlist μου /ναι ξερω υπερκαταναλωτισμος και δεν συμμαζεται..
Εσυ τι θες για τα Χριστουγεννα??

Hi everyboby! This is  a kinda quick post, unfortunately just a week before Christmas i got sick,with my stomach, and i have to stay at home,which makes me really anxious that i wont have time to buy  presents in time.Moreover,probably i wont be able to eat xmas candies and cakes and it really sucks
-.-'.. Anyway,I'll try to see the positive side and share with you my -overconsuming/take a chill pill- christmas wishlist. What do you want for X-mas??

1. Clarks Hamble Oak.  Τα ψαχνω ποσο?Εναμισι χρονο? Και δεν υπαρχουν πουθενα!! Τελικα τα παρρηγγειλα απο το ιντερνετ και τα περιμενω με ανυπομονησια..Νομιζω οτι αυτα θελω περισσοτερα απο ολαα!!
                                         Ι'm looking for them like a year and a half? And i cant find them nowhere! Nor this colour,nor my size! Eventually i ordered them from an online shop,its the first time i do that so cross fingers that i'll have them delivered ok,its just i think this i the present i want the most!

2.OYSHO stuff.  Ι really find their new collection amazing, i think i want them all!

                                              A. Nightdress.  Isnt it really elegant?

B.Fluffy Pjmas


3.Attrativo Shoes.

4.Zara shorts

5.Christmas bookies :)

I just hope Santa reads blogs :)


4 Books to read during Christmas!

Νταξει,μη σοκαριστειτε.ΕΡΧΟΝΤΑΙ ΤΑ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥΓΕΝΝΑ! Σε φαση πολυ συντομα! Και ενω αλλοι ηδη θα εχουν αρχισει να μιλανε για ψωνια και ροφηματα και ζαχαροπααστες και gingermen εγω θα κανω την ανατροπη και θας προτρεψω να διαβασετε κατι! Και οχι γιατι απαρνιεμαι ολα τα παραπανω (αλλωστε οι πολυσελιδες λιστες δωρων και συνταγων μου, κρυμμενες προσεχτικα σε μυστικες τοποθεσιες αποδεικνυουν περιτρανα το αντιθετο) αλλα γιατι, τι θα σας συντροφευει καλυτερα οταν θα πινετε το καραμελ μακιατο σας (εννοειται), μασουλωντας τα κριστμας μπισκοτακια σας στις ολοκαινουργιες πιτζαμουλιτσες σας??
 (ΕΝΑΣ ΓΚΟΜΕΝΟΣ. Ναι το ξερω,αλλα η επομενη επιλογη? ΕΝΑ ΒΙΒΛΙΑΡΑΚΙ!! )

Οριστε λοιπον οι 4 προτασεις μου,καθε μια απο ενα διαφορετικο ειδος ( ελαφριου!) βιβλιου..

Οk,trie not to be shocked much but CHRISTMAS IS COMING!Like really soon! And while many others, must definatelly have started talking about shopping and hot bevearages and candies and gingermen i will make the difference and suggest you to read something! And not because i disapprove all the above,( Besides,my multipage gift lists carefully hidden in secret corners of my room prove the opposite ) but because, what will keep you the best company while drinking your caramel machhiato ( of course!), chewing your christmas cookies in your brand new fluffy pjmas??
(A BOYFRIEND. Yeah,i know,but the very next option? A BOOKIE!)

So,here are my 4 suggestions,each one of a different style of (''light'' because its holidays! )books.~

1. Twenties Girl, by Sophie Kinsella

''Lara has always had an overactive imagination. Now she wonders if she is losing her mind. Normal twenty-something girls just don’t get visited by ghosts! But inexplicably, the spirit of Lara’s great aunt Sadie – in the form of a bold, demanding Charleston-dancing girl – has appeared to make one last request: Lara must track down a missing necklace Sadie simply can’t rest without.
Lara’s got enough problems of her own. Her start-up company is floundering, her best friend and business partner has run off to Goa, and she’s just been dumped by the love of her life.

But as Lara spends time with Sadie, life becomes more glamorous and their treasure hunt turns into something intriguing and romantic. Could Sadie’s ghost be the answer to Lara’s problems and can two girls from different times end up learning something special from each other?''


I dont have much to say,i love Kinsella and i love this book,its really really good and unexpectededly interesting!

2.The Chocolate Lover's Club, by Carole Matthews.


'Forget diamonds, chocolate is a girl’s best friend
Some women are addicted to shopping, others can’t get enough of champagne.
Some like to curl up with a good book, and others want a night out on the town.
But there’s just one thing Lucy Lombard can’t live without, and that’s chocolate—rich, creamy, sweet, delicious chocolate.
For her there’s no substitute. There’s nothing it won’t cure, from heartache to a headache, and she’s not alone. Sharing her passion are her three best friends and fellow addicts: sweet, peace-loving Autumn, harried mom Nadia, and sex kitten Chantal. Together they form a select group known as the Chocolate Lovers’ Club. Whenever there’s a crisis, they meet in their sanctuary, a café called Chocolate Heaven, and with a cheating boyfriend who promises he’ll change, a flirtatious boss, a gambling husband, and a loveless marriage, there’s always plenty to discuss….
By turns hilarious and heartrending, The Chocolate Lovers’ Club brings together four unforgettable women from totally different worlds united in their passion for chocolate.''

Αυτο ειναι σιγουρα ενα βιβλιο διακοπων! Η αισθηση που εχει μεινει,ειναι μια εικονα 4 γυναικων να πινουν και να τρωνε σοκολατες συζητωντας ασταματητα προβληματα και γκομενικα! Προφανως δεν ειναι κατι ουτε τρομερα βαθυστοχαστο ουτε με ιδιαιτερο ποιντ, ολοι ομως εχουμε δικαιωμα να διαβασουμε κατι λαιτ να περναει η ωρα μας σωστα?

This book is like Sex and the City, surrounded by a chocolate flavour,its really easy and fun to read!Apparently its not a thougtfull book with high meanings and life lessons,but we all have the rigth to read something light and fun for a time,right?

3.The girl with the perl earring,by Tracy Chevalier. ( Το κοριτσι με το σκουλαρικι.)

 ''One of the best-loved paintings in the world is a mystery. Who is the model and why has she been painted? What is she thinking as she stares out at us? Are her wide eyes and enigmatic half-smile innocent or seductive? And why is she wearing a pearl earring?

Girl With a Pearl Earring tells the story of Griet, a 16-year-old Dutch girl who becomes a maid in the house of the painter Johannes Vermeer. Her calm and perceptive manner not only helps her in her household duties, but also attracts the painter's attention. Though different in upbringing, education and social standing, they have a similar way of looking at things. Vermeer slowly draws her into the world of his paintings - the still, luminous images of solitary women in domestic settings.

In contrast to her work in her master's studio, Griet must carve a place for herself in a chaotic Catholic household run by Vermeer's volatile wife Catharina, his shrewd mother-in-law Maria Thins, and their fiercely loyal maid Tanneke. Six children (and counting) fill out the household, dominated by six-year-old Cornelia, a mischievous girl who sees more than she should.

On the verge of womanhood, Griet also contends with the growing attentions both from a local butcher and from Vermeer's patron, the wealthy van Ruijven. And she has to find her way through this new and strange life outside the loving Protestant family she grew up in, now fragmented by accident and death.

As Griet becomes part of her master's work, their growing intimacy spreads disruption and jealousy within the ordered household and even - as the scandal seeps out - ripples in the world beyond.''

Να και κατι πιο κουλτουριακο! Διαβασα αυτο το βιβλιο πριν απο μερικα χρονια,ηταν δωρο της νονας μου,και πραγματικα μου αρεσε πολυ! Ειναι ενα αυθεντικο δραμα εποχης,χωρις ακροτητες ομως,με πολλα ρομαντικα στοιχεια και καλλιτεχνικο ενδιαφερον καθως αφορα,παρα τη μυθοπλασια στη ζωη του Βερμερ! Ισως καποιοι απο εσας να εχουν δει και τη ταινια με τον λατρεμενο Κολιν Φιρθ και τη Σκαρλετ Γιοχανσον,προτεινω ομως να διαβασετε και το βιβλιο,αξιζει!

So,this one i more cultural choice..I read this book some years ago and i found it amazing,Some of you may have seen as well the movie with Colin Firth and Scarllet Johansson,but i suggest you should read the book as well.Its a really a great drama and romance as well.

4.Freud in Manhhatan,by Luc Bossi

''A rich and famous architect is found murdered at his house in Manhattan.The only witness to the murder is his daughter , but she is anable to give any information to the police, as she is suffering from amnesia. At the same time the famous Viennese psychologist Sigmund Freud happens to be in New York with his good student Carl Yung. The two men will be called to offer their services and apply the therapeutic method of psychoaanalysis to the young woman. They will be faced with a great challenge : to penetrate the soul of a mass murderer.''

Διαβασα αυτο το βιβλιο το καλοκαιρι και πραγματι το προτεινω ανεπιφυλακτα! Μεχρι τοτε δε πιστευα πραγματικα οτι ειμαι ο τυπος που θα του αρεσαν τα αστυνομικα βιβλια ( δεδομενου οτι διαβασα το κοριτσι με το τατουαζ με το ενα ματι κλειστο! ) αλλα αυτο το βιβλιο με εκανε να αναθεωρησω! Ειναι γεματο ενδιαφερον,ανατροπες και εξελιξειες! Επισης,εξαιρετικο για δωρο!

I read this book in summer and i highly reccomend it. Till then i thought i wasnt the type of mysterious  detective kind books but this one proved me wrong! Unexpected turns,full of tention and overthrows,i found really interesting and great choice for gift as well!

PS: No need to mention you should read Oscar's Wild, The Portrait of Dorian Gray.I talk so much about it ,i didnt bother editting it to the list!

Happy reading! :)



Lui Vitton-L'Invitation Au Voyage

I do not own any rights of this video.

Καθως χαζευα τρελα ποιοτικα τραγουδια και βιντεο στο γιου τιουμπ ( γκουχου,το πουλακι Τσιου), ξεπεταχτηκε απο το πουθενα η συγκεκριμενη διαφημιση..
 Συνηθως μετραω  με μανια τα δευτερολεπτα που το youtube με κραταει με το ζορι να δω  διαφημισεις (σιριουσλι κατι πρεπει να γινει με αυτο το θεμα ),ωστε να μπορεσω μετα να απολαυσω και γω το βιντεο μου, και παντα τις κλεινω κατευθειαν ( δεδομενου οτι  τις μισες φορες αφορουν τη Σαϊεντολογια και τις αλλες μισες πολλα υποσχομενα χοτ ναμπερς). Αυτη τη φορα ομως, η διαφημιση εδειχνε να εχει μια αλλη αισθητικη και να περιβαλλεται απο μια ομορφη και τεριαστοτατη μελωδια. Επροκειτο για τη νεα διαφημιση της Lui Vitton- η οποια μου θυμισε εντονα το τελευταιο ποστ που ειχα κανει, πριν την απουσια μου ( τρελη συμπτωσακλα? ).Ηταν η διαφημιση της Dior,την οποια επισης βρηκα εξαιρετικη,γυρισμενη στις Βερσαλλιες (!) [ μπορειτε να  δειτε το ποστ εδω]
Μου αρεσει πολυ το γεγονος,οτι απο τους μεγαλους οικους τουλαχιστον, γινονται πλεον τετοιες δουλειες, καλοπροσεγμενες και με ποιντ!

Αντι να το περιγραψω, θα σας παραθεσω την ιδια την περιγραφη του βιντεο..

''Paris and its mysteries... For centuries, the most wonderful intrigues have been woven in the Louvre, a haven of culture and history.
An intrepid young woman enters this universal temple and unwinds the skein of time. After an encounter with the Mona Lisa and the Italian masters, armed with a key, she releases the secrets -- also desired by a man hot on her heels -- enclosed for more than 150 years in a legendary trunk created by Louis Vuitton.
Like a thread stretching across time and space, a hot-air balloon rises above the Cour Carrée. The beautiful unknown woman leaves the Louvre for a far-off destination in pursuit of her destiny.''

( Μουσικη: In the House, In a Heartbeat - John Murphy
  Σκηνοθεσια:  Inez and Vinoodh )

Το βιντεο το ανεβασα για να αναφερθω στο καλλιτεχνικο κυριως ενδιαφερον που εχει και οχι προφανως για να προωθησω τη κολεξιον. (Οχι οτι δε θα  με παρακαλαγανε βεβαια,αλλα δεν καταδεχομαι!)

Εσας πως σας φαινεται??

As i was wandering around Youtube, searching for really quality videos and songs ( Guhu, Il Pulcino Pio ) out of nowhere, this advertisment came up! I usually count with fury the seconds that youtube keeps me by force to see advertising (seriously something has be done about this),till i can enjoy my video, and most of the times, i close them directly when i have the chance to. (Anyway, half of the times are about really high promissing hot dates or whatever,so I cant say I am really interested in them ^^ ).
 This time, however, the ad seemed to have another beautician and being surrounded by a beautiful and well chosen melody. It was the new ad of Lui Vitton-which has strongly reminded me of the last Post I made before my absence (WHAT A COINCIDENSE), about the ad of Dior, which also I found excellent. (It was filmed at Versailles,and  you can see it here)

Rather than describe it, I prefer to quote its own description.

''Paris and its mysteries... For centuries, the most wonderful intrigues have been woven in the Louvre, a haven of culture and history.
An intrepid young woman enters this universal temple and unwinds the skein of time. After an encounter with the Mona Lisa and the Italian masters, armed with a key, she releases the secrets -- also desired by a man hot on her heels -- enclosed for more than 150 years in a legendary trunk created by Louis Vuitton.
Like a thread stretching across time and space, a hot-air balloon rises above the Cour Carrée. The beautiful unknown woman leaves the Louvre for a far-off destination in pursuit of her destiny.''

( Music: In the House, In a Heartbeat - John Murphy
  Direction: Inez and Vinoodh )

I posted this video,because i think its really beautiful ,from an artistic view,and i like the fact that they make ads like that nowadays.I have no intention of advertising Lui Vitton ( despite the fact that i practically do that :P ). Whats your opinion? Do you like it?



Its been a long!

Πραγματικα εχει περασει ΤΟΣΟ ΑΠΕΙΡΟΣ καιρος απο τοτε που εγραψα κατι.Βασικα πανω απο οχτω  μηνες ξερω γω..Και δεν ειναι απλως οτι σταματησα να γραφω ειναι οτι σταματησα να μπαινω και στα μπλογκς που διαβαζα και νιωθω πραγματικα οτι μου ψιλοελλειψε!!
 Τωρα ομως αποφασισα να το ξαναπιασω ( και ελπιζω να μη το ξαναφησω! )

Αυτους τους οχτω μηνες δε θα ελεγα οτι εγιναν και συγκλονιστικα πραγματα.
Τα σημαντικοτερα χαιλαιτς ηταν το ξεμυαλιστικο γκρικ σαμερ στα σεξι νησια μας,( αν και ομολογω οτι η κριση μας επιασε και μια μαρμανγκα επεφτε σε αρκετα μερη (- δες Ανδρο,εμεις και ΟΥΤΕ Ο ΚΟΥΚΟΣ ΣΕ ΦΑΣΗ-, πριν τον αυγουστο τουλαχιστον, που ολοι μπορουν δε μπορουν για καπου θα την κανουν και γινεται το σωσε.) καθως και ενα απολυτα εξπρες ταξιδι στο Λονδινο που παιζει να ειναι το πιο αγαπημενο μου μερος ΕΒΕΡ και πολυ το χαρηκα. Κατα τα αλλα..τα ιδια.

Ιδου και οι φωτο που αποδεικνυουν οτι σας λεω την αληθεια.

It has really been SO long since i last wrote something. And its not only that i've quieted blogging,its also that i also stopped reading blogs and stuff and i kinda missed it a lot.. But now i have really decided to start again ( and lets hope this time for good! )

It has been more or less around eight months that i havent done any posts. Its not that important things happened all this time though.The main highlights were the crazy summer in the greek islands ( although the crisis has obviously affected people and till augoust many places were kind empty :/) , as well as a very quick trip i did to London,which is probably my most favourite place in the world and i was really glad to do that!

In case you dont believe me ( why not,but whatever!) these are some photos as evidence!

Naxos Island.

 London <3

 Hide Park (YEAA)

My friend the squirl in Hide Park

And me in the MMS Palace in Piccadily Circus where you HAVE to go!

Αυτα προς το παρον! ερχεται ποστ, φιλια!!
Thats for now,a post is coming,many kisses!!


DIOR\Secret Garden

Hallo everybodyyy! Today i wanted to share with you this new Dior clip! I saw it a few days ago,it is made in Versailles and basically presents the new collection of the company. Personally,I find it a great and inspired idea from Dior to make this clip,the music and the scenery make a complete match,i like the fact that the models are runnig and all this movement higlights the clothes and the fabrcis.So. i just wanted to learn your opinion on this as well.Do you like it?No?

(I dont own the rights of this video)
'Secret Garden - Versailles'
A film by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, starring Daria Strokus, Melissa Stasiuk and Xiao Wen Ju in La Galeries Des Glaces - Château de Versailles.
Music by Depeche Mode: 'Enjoy the Silence'



So I'm back!!!! finally after like 2 months without writting anything i felt it was a pitty to leave my cute little page behind! So here I am and i was wondering with what i should start..i've seen quite a lot of things all this time so I have much to tell you,but i decided first to give you a taste of what i've been doing all this time..
So first of all,i finished my semester exams and it went pretty good.Sadly this joy of relief didnt lasted much as i learned that the next semester's exams START on thr 26 of june! Seriously GREAT DECISION for us to have like 20 days vacation,really GREAT.
Anyway,I also had my birthday last month and i decided to have a party,which i hadnt done for long..And it went out pretty good.It was a great chance to remeet with me school friends and also have my new friends from the uni with me,and -at least i hope- everyone was having a really nice time.

I particulary like this picture,because they are all soo smiley and  is really cute


I also went to the Athens Exclusive Designers Week for Autum/Winter 2012.I have to admit though that i had very little fun in comprarison to the previous one i went to on October.Average collections and really bad organisation that tired the people too much.It really isnt worth it standing for 40 minutes in front of a close gate,squized and sweaty just to watch one designer.It ruins the whole atmosphere and fun.Besides that,i saw once again stylish people and  browsed at the vintage bazzar which was pretty cool.

(picture from Joywood,i dont own any rights)

Then Easter vacation came,and i was really busy...eating..And now i am really starting to think that is should start scheduling my summer vacation-i know its early but here its already 30 degrees outside which means that this week im going for sunbathing and i'm really in a mood for -greek islands-pinacolada-summer blast- which i dont know how to calm considering its high time i opened a book!

As i told you i have much to share,nice to be back with you,kisses <3


SO,That's the point....

Hi everybody !! Well i just want to say that im coming through...a phase,and for a reason i dont feel like writting and posting a lot,i kinda lost my inspiration..Anyway,i'm working on that and i'll be back soon! I'm still reading my fav blogs,and thanks all of you for your comments all this time ( maybe i'll find a nice way to make it up to you! ;)) I'll be back soon! Hopefully Easter vacation will do good on me!!
Love ya xxx

Λοιπον μαγκες ειναι καπως απλο..ακεφιες..βαρεμαρες..θελω απλα να κοιμαμαι σαν αρκουδα απο το πρωι ως το βραδυ ( κατι που δεν εγραψα παραπανω,και θα ναι καπως περιεργο να βαλει καποιος google translate αλλα γουετεβερ^^) Τελοσπαντων! Θα το ξεπερασω! Εχασα λιγο την απυθμενη εμπνευση μου,αλλα θα τη ξαναβρω συντομως!! Σας ευχαριστω ολους για τα ομορφα κομεντς σας,εννοειται οτι παρακολουθω και διαβαζω τα μπλογκ σας,και ισως,λεω ΙΣΩΣ να βρω καποιο χαριτωμενο δωρακι για να σας γλυκανω.Θα τα πουμε συντομα! Ισως οι διακοπες του Πασχα με ξελαμπηκαρουν!!!
Φιλια πολλα!!! :)


I've been tagged!

Η Δεσποινα απο το απο το Sissi's Place με εκανε tag σε ενα ερωτηματολογιο! Χαρα μου λοιπον να απαντησω και εγω,το αφηνω στα αγγλικα γιατι ειμαστε και γλωσσομαθεις! kissees xxx

Despina from Sissi's Place ''tagged'' me so its my turn to answer some questions! Here they are!! Kisses xxx

  • Fondest Childhood Memory?
  • Playing pirates with my friend Marilena on her bunk bed! 

  • Quirky Habit
  •  I cant eat for noon without watching TV ( seriously.And any other time of the day i can eat normally in the kitchen.Dont ask)

  • Play Sports?
  • Not even one. Unless you count 2 stairs to class

  • Favorite Book
  • Dorian Gray
    • If you could invent something what would it be?
    • Time machine ( with pause button as well)
    • Teleportation machine
    • If you could own your own business what would it be?
    • Krasty Crab
    • A bakery

    • Someone you admire(who doesn't know who you are)
    • Doctors ( i could NEVER be one)
    • Volunteers
    • Women that have gave birth ( i know WEIRD but seriously )
    • A talent you wish you had
    • Totally untalented person,uhm Singing first,then painting,but just something decent,dont think too much

    • Something you wish you'd know two years ago?
    • I real CAN be more social
    • What do you do to feel centered/relaxed?
    • Listening to music and secretelly dancing and singing in my bathroom
    • Panik attack and after i am TOTALY relaxed -.-''
    • Who is someone that makes you feel loved?
    • Ehm apparently my family,and my good friends..Because they dodnt have to be with my,the choose to be :') (Psssss what did i wrote again?!)

    • The most interesting place you have been and why?
    • London because is SO multicultural!
    • 3 books you can't wait to end
    • I am dealing with one right now,about Aristotele and is huge,so that's the only one ^^

    • A cherished keepsake you will keep forever?
    • A special bracelet i have and my favourite favourite teddy bear

    • Something you really want to see or do before you die?
    • TOO MANY things,( why should the verb DIEE be in this question? xD) I'll go goofy and say a Panda.But that's really not it.

    So here are some quick answers!I dodnt have enough time right now to choose seven more people i would like to tag,i'll do it some time.Iknow for sure i want to know Marianne's and Tereza's one!

    see you soon xxxx


    Searching the Grandma's closet : Part 1A. THE BAGS.

    Λοιπον,λιγακι προχειρα ομολογω αρχισα να κατανομω ολα τα φανταστικα μου ευρηματα  απο τις ντουλαπες της γιαγιας και της θειας,μικροι θησαυροι που εμεναν κρυμμενοι τοσα χρονια κατω απο τη μυτη μου.Eπειδη ξεσηκωσα αρκετα πραγματα ( νταξει τους αφησα και ενα δυο για να τη βγαζουν καθε μερα) ειπα να τα μοιρασω και να σας τα δειξω σε κατηγοριες.Εμενα οι λατρεια μου ειναι δυο συγκεκριμενα ρουχαλακια που βρηκα αλλα θα αρχισω με τις τσαντες.Συγνωμη για τη ποιοτητα,το κινητο μου εκανε οτι καλυτερο μπορουσε,ειναι το ορκιζομαι πολυ ωραιοτερες στη πραγματικοτητα ( και ειδικα η μπορντο!) και γιαυτο το λογο αφησα και αρκετες απεξω..θα τις αδικουσα! Τελοσπαντων,the point is go vintage and... go search!

    Well, a little rough,I confess,I began to ''ration'' all the fantastic things i found from grandmother's and aunt's closets,small treasures hidden for so many years under my cute.Βecause i took quite a lot of things (OK i left them some to pass the day..but thats all xD) I decided to share them in groups before showing you.My favourite are some clothes that i found but  I will start with bags and purses.Im sorry  for  the quality of the photos , my phone did the best it could, I swear they are so much nicer in reality (and especially the one in the whine color!) and, therefore, I left several out ...They would be injustified... Anyway, the point is go vintage and... go search!

    So here are some of them ( that's why ''part 1a.'') you are really gonna get sick of watching bags. -.-''

                                                               this is a really WEIRD bag!

                                                 this one is really beautiful in reality and its 45 year old Channel!!!

    a detail of my favourite purse!


    !!!!ATTENTION!!!do you have ANY idea of a topic i could write something about? i mean anything,from the big blue endless sky to the delicious tost bread you bought yestreday.Anything,just some ideas :P