I've been tagged!

Η Δεσποινα απο το απο το Sissi's Place με εκανε tag σε ενα ερωτηματολογιο! Χαρα μου λοιπον να απαντησω και εγω,το αφηνω στα αγγλικα γιατι ειμαστε και γλωσσομαθεις! kissees xxx

Despina from Sissi's Place ''tagged'' me so its my turn to answer some questions! Here they are!! Kisses xxx

  • Fondest Childhood Memory?
  • Playing pirates with my friend Marilena on her bunk bed! 

  • Quirky Habit
  •  I cant eat for noon without watching TV ( seriously.And any other time of the day i can eat normally in the kitchen.Dont ask)

  • Play Sports?
  • Not even one. Unless you count 2 stairs to class

  • Favorite Book
  • Dorian Gray
    • If you could invent something what would it be?
    • Time machine ( with pause button as well)
    • Teleportation machine
    • If you could own your own business what would it be?
    • Krasty Crab
    • A bakery

    • Someone you admire(who doesn't know who you are)
    • Doctors ( i could NEVER be one)
    • Volunteers
    • Women that have gave birth ( i know WEIRD but seriously )
    • A talent you wish you had
    • Totally untalented person,uhm Singing first,then painting,but just something decent,dont think too much

    • Something you wish you'd know two years ago?
    • I real CAN be more social
    • What do you do to feel centered/relaxed?
    • Listening to music and secretelly dancing and singing in my bathroom
    • Panik attack and after i am TOTALY relaxed -.-''
    • Who is someone that makes you feel loved?
    • Ehm apparently my family,and my good friends..Because they dodnt have to be with my,the choose to be :') (Psssss what did i wrote again?!)

    • The most interesting place you have been and why?
    • London because is SO multicultural!
    • 3 books you can't wait to end
    • I am dealing with one right now,about Aristotele and is huge,so that's the only one ^^

    • A cherished keepsake you will keep forever?
    • A special bracelet i have and my favourite favourite teddy bear

    • Something you really want to see or do before you die?
    • TOO MANY things,( why should the verb DIEE be in this question? xD) I'll go goofy and say a Panda.But that's really not it.

    So here are some quick answers!I dodnt have enough time right now to choose seven more people i would like to tag,i'll do it some time.Iknow for sure i want to know Marianne's and Tereza's one!

    see you soon xxxx

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    1. Kalimerasas your blog is great hope you follow me back on trendberry.blogspot.com

    2. Hi there,
      thanks so much for ur sweet comment and I think ur blog is so cute...I am your newest follower :)
      I´d be very happy if you have time to drop by my blog sometime again so we can share our ideas...and if u like what u see I´d love you to follow me back!

      Hope you have a lovely weekend!

      xxx Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBla

    3. Nice and clever answers!!! Well done. I love the fact that you would like to open a bakery.
      Best regards
      Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    4. Euxaristo gia to comment, boroume na kanoume follow i mia tin alli ama thes :)



    5. hehe eisai i tuxeri m follower!! :) Se euxaristo!!

    6. Thank you so much for the tag :), this is so cool.
      I love the questions and your answers! SO so cool!

    7. What I love about these tagged questions is the chance to know my fellow bloggers more. I don't play major sports too, though I considered cheerleading as a sport back in high school. I also admire those women who give birth. I salute them. As a nurse, I have handled and assisted delivery a couple of times, so you see where my admiration came from. :)

      Anyway, I've just awarded you The Versatile Award Marianna! Congrats!



    Thank you for your sharing your own point of view :) I'
    Ευχαριστώ πολύ για τα σχόλια, θα χαρώ άπειρα να απαντήσω!