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SO!!!!I know i havent written for some days,and this post is really not one of my favourite(not the subject,the way im doing it xD),but i just had to do something,it's too early to leave it back!You see,its time for me to start studing about my forthcoming exams-though i still firmly believe that i shouldnt study again in my whole life,after the effort i put last year,to get into uni!Anyway,i was planning to make this post for a long time,and with that,im coming back to the-probably not so interesting-initial concept of my blog,to write about things i liked or not and informe you about events that you maybe interested into (probably too little of my posts till now are close to that,but anyway,,hahahaha).So,I was actually plannig to see this movie,but since i didnt had much time i was sure that i was going to end up with the dvd after months..and in fact,i didnt  care that much.At last,though,i ''Accidentaly'' (BECAUSE THE CINEMA DECIDED NOT TO PLAY THE PRE-ARRANGED SCREENINGS OF ''PUSS IN BOOTS'') i ended up watching it...
WOW.I mean seriously WOW.It was one of the best movies i've seen in a long time..I knew i was going to like it,but not that much...Yeah,i thought,as most of the people, that i may get bored (because come on 2 hours in silence?) but i didnt!Not even a bit!In fact,i have got soooo much more bored with some talking adventure movies that with this one.Its black and white,its not talking,its full of face expressions,fast scene transitions,music,agony,laugh(!!),romance...Its great...It makes you think that language doesnt play a big deal in movies after all...The actors.the expressions and direction are SO important.
I found amazing Michel Hazanavicius's direction,i liked all actors and i must confess i now have a little CRUSH on Jean Dujardin,who is not what you can say a total babe but for me,couldnt be more charming in this movie!hah..

I have nothing bad to say!!I know, it was a good movie,but probably not as good as i think it is..Personal taste i guess..But, not matter what,its something interesting and different and i firmly believe you have nothing to lose by watching it..

Since the whole story unfolds in the 20s i thought i could put also some photos of the style of that period...For me,women back then were the total famme fatal icon,absolutely delicate and charming..

And of course,its a style we can easily adopt nowadays as well :D

                                                       And its keep on coming into fashion again..

Photo with style proposal from polyvore.com
if you are interested in the movie,i know i have said too little and in fact i havent given you the tinnest clue about the plot,so if you like,better read this http://wwwserendipity-nessy.blogspot.com/2011/12/artist.html !!
and last but not least sorry i didnt write it in Greek as well,if i have time i will add it! :/

xxxx kisses

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  1. 1. Great post! I was wondering how you hadn't post anything about the film.. :P
    2. Thanks so much for the link ;) I am very proud of that post!!! :D
    3. YES! Jean Dujardin is soooo charming!!! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that!!!

  2. hehehehe toso kairo ekana vudu (afou eipame oti legomai "lure of the dark side" darkkkkkk katastaseis) na kaneis ena post, kai na toooooooooooo
    mas eleipses vre esy.
    an k katalavainw ti pairnas, kai egw ta idia ase se ligo tha prepei na diavazw oloklhra katevata kai den exw kamia orexh.
    giati na mhn spoudaza styling na asxoloumai olh mera me rouxa, afou asxoloumai pou asxoloumai apo monh mou.
    den thn exw dei thn tainia alla meta apo osa eipes skopeuw na thn dw.
    oso gia to style ths dekaetias twn '20 den to suzhtaw oti htan femme fatale kai sexy kai mysterious.
    genika m aresei to style palaioterwn dekaetiwn-'20,'30,'40,'50,'60 blah blah alla niwthw oti den tha mporousa na ekfrastw mesa apo auta.
    polu kathws prepei gia mena, vre paidi mou, prepei na vgalw thn badass pleura mou.
    polla polla filiaaaaaaaa!

    1. Telio post!!!marese para poli!opos episis kai ta proigoumena pou de sou exo grapsei giauta,alla ta ida!!to kenourgio header mou aresei poli perissotero!!!!kai ine kai pio eudiakrito!!bhahahaha...re thanks so much poy pragmatika parakoloutheis to blog moy kai de beneis mono ama sou kano ena comment 3ero go...den ime kai poli perifani giauto to post,pernao mia fasi elipsis kai xronou kai ebneusis kai ine poli arxi akoma,kai akoma kai viastika ithela na grapso kati kai na mi to afiso etsi!telospadon exo sto nou mou ena dio akoma pou elpizo na nai orea-meta to keno?-.Se euxaristo poli pou bikes kai to daivases!kai nai na tin deis oposdipote!ine tromera diaforetiki,de 3ero an vlepontas ti spti sou varetheis,sigoura sto cinema to parakoloutheis perissotero,elpizo na mi se paro sto lemo mou!heheh..oso gia ta rouxa,ine sigoura tou tipou krivo polla katse fadasou ta ipolipa kai nai kai ego pisteuo oti ise ligo pio...agria..hahahah...de tha evaza oute ego kati toso makri,alla ine toso xaritomena kai girly...hahhahhaah
      ta leme sintoma kopelitsa (ti spudazeis esi?)
      filakia polla
      <3 <3

  3. Really gorgeous inspiration! I love 20's looks. I should try more vintage inspired party outfits, these are so lovely :) The waistline would suit me well, I think.

    Thanks SO much for your lovely words! They truly brightened up my evening :) I'm so glad you like my blog, I'm following you back via Bloglovin' ! ^^
    Let's stay in touch <3

    Have a great day.

    Kisses from Finland, Satu

    Indie by Heart

  4. U r right fashions do come back ..Very interesting post.loved ur blog title.
    thanks for following me.
    I joined u too

  5. molis to eida to reply sou, den katalava omws to sxoliosou, den mporeses na kaneis comment sto blog mou? giati? prospathise xana k pes m an den mporeis, na dw ti ginete.
    ispanika spoudazw alla h alithinh mou agaph einai h stylistikh.
    esy me ti akrivws asxoleisai?

  6. very nice style in that movie :)


  7. Great look...
    come and see mine post...


  8. katalava oute esena sou aresei h sxolh sou, ti thes na spoudazeis? poia einai h megalh sou agaph?
    egw tha hthela na spoudasw stylistikh alla thelei lefta kai den ta exw, allo pou oi dikoi m akoune stylistikh k pathainoun kardiako...

  9. Marianna mou ws apanthsh sto comment sou, sthn arxh oute k egw eixa mia megalh agaph sth zwh mou kai psiloeniwtha xamenh, hmoun k egw sth sxolh m gia tous idious logous me sena, oti dhladh tha mporousa na kanw polla pragmata me authn mias k ta ispanika pia xrhsimopoiountai sxedon pantou, mexri pou ena xrono prin anoixan ta matia mou k eida oti olo auto me ekane dustuxismenh. kai eida k thn agaph mou gia thn stylistikh, to oti tha to spoudasw den uparxei zhthma apla tha hthela kai na me sthrizan ligo oi dikoi m alla den to vlepw na ginete.
    mhn anushxeis k esy tha vreis ti se travaei k ti se gemizei me xara, oso mathaineis ton euato sou anakalupteis pragmta pou den hxeres oti uphrxan mesa sou alla panta htan ekei.

  10. Very interesting post! :)

    Would you mind following each other? =)


  11. Thank you so much for following my blog, I really appreciate that! I'm following you too now. Have a great week!


  12. Oh, this is so cool and interesting. Thx for sharing it with me :)
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  13. aww interesting post !! love it :)


  14. I heard about this movie and I am really anxious to watch it. I love that you have included here fashion from the 20's.
    Your post is great.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  15. hello! your blog is cute :D yes I'd love to follow you back! thank you for your kind comment, dear^^

  16. love this post
    and a very nice blog too! pls look also at my blog and become a friend too :)

    XO, Carmen

  17. Thank you so much for this post! I am doing some Vintage inspired looks for my blog (aldready published 40s, had a photoshoot for 60s, but haven't posted yet) and I was seeking something that will help me to create 20s look! <3 thank you!

    View From Heels

  18. Θέλω πολύ να δω το The Artist αλλά ακόμα δεν τα έχω καταφέρει. Πρέπει να είναι συγκλονιστική ταινία. Είμαι σίγουρη για αυτό.
    Μου αρέσει πολύ το στυλ της δεκαετίας 20's.


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  20. Cool post! I really love the style from the 20's. So feminine and charming.



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