My PURPLE shoes :)

Well, one of my favourite presents i got this year are these purple shoes! I find them super cool,though i was thinking a lot that i should be getting them on another colour..I have nothing purple!Anyway,i have 'em now!Im really not sure i combined them pretty good...I dont like mixing too many colours,and i'm not of the people that are extremly fond of the combination purple-yellow...And i have done all of them!But i really wanted to wear as well this amazing scarf i got (which of course was a great opportunity to wear also my new earings and matching LEGO ring!PANIC xD)
 Anyway,try to see the pieces seperately :P What do you think?

the shoes! :)

the weird combination (''I'm crazy'')

                                                                       THAT SILLY.

Bag:50years old(!) Grandma's bag)

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  1. i love the combination of these two colors! nomizo pos to mov einai teleio xroma kai mporeis na to sindiaseis me polla xromata!! x isos fenete parakseno stin arxi omos eimai sigouri oti tora ta agapises!

  2. Thanx for your lovely comment :) Your shoes look adorable. Love the purple & yellow combination!
    Xronia Polla kai na peraseis omorfa autes tis meres

  3. wowwww =9 from greece, thanksfor visiting my blog i am so honored =) i love Greek culture my name actually means greece in spanish my name is Grecia =D
    I love purple with yellow =)
    love i love it

  4. Like! Like! Like!
    Υπέροχο το blog σου!
    Αν θέλεις, πέρνα καμιά βόλτα και από το δικό μας...
    Καλό βράδυ κ' καλό μήνα!!!


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