Getting the x-mas spirit!!

Ειναι παραμονη Χριστουγεννων,οποτε λιγο ως πολυ ολοι εχουμε αρχισει να νιωθουμε το χριστουγεννιατικο πνευμα!Αυτο το ποστ ηθελα να το κανω νωριτερα,αλλα με ειχαν πιασει βαρεμαρες! :P Οριστε μερικα στιγμιοτυπα που μαζευω το τελευταιο καιρο και με εχουν βαλει για τα καλα στο κλιμα :)

Its two days before xmas,so some more,some less,we are all kinda getting the christmas spirit!I was planning to make this post earlier,but i was feeling too lazy...:P Here are some snapshots i've took the last days,which have really turned me into the mood for  xmas holidays :)

1.my attempt to make christmas chocolates! (with this cool little chocolatesmelter i bought! xD)

2.my house being ready for Santa

3.my old school's charity bazzar (full of cute-and some pretty scary though- paintings of little kids of the primary school)

4.Eirini's extremly perfect handmade-and really yummy!- xmas cookies!

5.the perfect little gifts i bought from Anastasia @ http://speak-out-your-creativity.blogspot.com/ (you should check it out,she makes  great things!)

6.a walk at our-not so pretty- centre of Athens,where i was glad to see that some people are still trying to fix our mood (and make some money out of it also xxx)

7.Discovering that Santa truly exists and in fact...he is walking somewhere AROUND US

8.and of course last but not least,XMAS SHOPPING :)

Ευχομαι να εχετε ολοι υπεροχα υπεροχα Χριστουγεννα! :)

I wish you all have the most perfect xmas! :)


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