The lazy girl's cupcakes

 Το μονο πραγμα που δεν ειχα σκεφτει να γραψω εδωπερα ηταν συνταγες!Αλλα πρωτον,ποτε μη λες ποτε,και δευτερον,πρακτικα αυτο δεν ειναι συνταγη και γιατι το μονο πραγμα που εκανα ηταν να ανακατεψω με ενα κουταλι για 15 δευτερολεπτα..Ωστοσο το αποτελεσμα μου φανηκε τρισχαριτωμενο και ηθελα να το μοιραστω :) Two posts today,i'm on fire! ;)

The only thing I hadn't thougth about writting here was recipes!But apparently,never say never,and also,this isn't practicaly a recipe as the only thing i had to do was mixxing the ingredients for less than 15 seconds...The result though seems pretty cute and i wanted to share it with you :) Two posts today,i'm on fire! ;)

Πώς λοιπον φτιαχνει μαφινς μια παλιοτεμπελα / So,how makes a lazy cow like me little muffins

Step one:We buy the cutest cupcake cases from accessorise-(but the ordinary ones are good enough also xD)

Step two:We buy the  ''chocolate chunk muffin mix'' by Betty Crocker (you can find it in every supermarket!),as well as colourful truffles!

Step three:We add to the mix 50 ml water and an egg

Step four:We put it into the cases

 Step five:Into the oven! (for 20 mins)

[Step six (optional!):Pick a friend to keep an eye on them ;) ]

  Step seven:Chocolate or truffles (or both for me!) or anything else for decoration!

TADAAAAA ! :) (costs 5euros takes half an hour :) enjoy!!)

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